A Few Accomplishments
Veterans Memorial

The Trumbull 100 spearheaded the construction of the Trumbull County Vererans' Memorial. Several Trumbull 100 members served on the project's
oversight committee. Various local businesses, community groups and area construction unions spent many volunteer hours and donated in-kind services to complete this project. Nearly $500,000 was raised through the sale of bricks (nearly 3,000), pavers (over 500) and sponsorships to purchase the bronze WWII statue and building materials to complete the project. The memorial was dedicated on November 11, 2008 and stands in doentown Warren to honor all veterans.

June 2010 - Burbank Park

The Burbank Park renovation project was completed with over $140,000 in goods and services contributed from many sources including the Warren Athletic League, Mahoning Valley Scrappers and Trumbull 100. The park is located on the northwest side of Warren. Bill Casey led the charge to return Burbank Park to its original form. He called the park
“a gem” now that renovations are finished. Work on the concession stand and four baseball fields began in 2008 and was finished in June, 2010. Security cameras have been installed and vandalism has been halted. Over 500 children from all over Trumbull County regularly play in the park and a statewide baseball tournament was held in the park.


A Few words from the President

Hello. I would like to welcome you to the website of The Trumbull 100, officially known as One Hundred for the Future of Trumbull County.

As President of Trumbull 100, I’d like to take the opportunity and tell you about our organization, our goals, mission, and some accomplishments. We began with the desire to secure 100 people who live in, or are concerned about Trumbull County Ohio, and are willing to dedicate their time and resources to serve our communities.

Our Mission is “To embrace and facilitate opportunities by providing resources and leadership to projects that enhance the quality of life for citizens of Trumbull County.”

Our facilitation of projects includes, some seed money, as well as leadership and hours served where needed and as we see fit. It is important to note that we are not a foundation or a funder of requests wherein we are not involved. We do have a mini grant request program for neighborhood non-profit groups funding specific neighborhood projects. You can find information about the mini grant program on this website.

We need you to help our organization become even more successful. We need your ideas, requests and your membership. You may contact me by phone at 330.505.0000 or by email jtaylor@mvscrappers.com.

Our Administrator, Sue Shafer, is also available to answer questions, and you can reach her at administrator@trumbull100.org. Any member or officer is also willing to help and answer questions.

Thank you for your interest in Trumbull 100!

Very truly yours,

Jordan Taylor

Meeting Schedule

Trumbull 100 membership meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month. Most meetings are held at Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital in Howland at 7:30am, however meeting locations vary on occasion. E-mail for details on the next meeting.

Have Ideas?

Do you have an idea that will enhance Trumbull County?
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Mini-Grant Program

Trumbull 100 offers mini-grants, up to $500 annually, to further neighborhood revitalization. The program is established to provide established neighborhood groups and associations in Trumbull County a source of funding for the purpose of revitalizing our community neighborhoods. Mini-grant funding is restricted to the purchase of goods or services for projects which will bring about neighborhood improvements. Wages and administrative costs are not allowable expenses. Kay Fisher is the chairwoman of the project. Please email administrator@trumbull100.org if you need additional information or would like a funding application.

Cranston Report

Click here to read the Cranston Report on the Historic Warren Project.