A Few Accomplishments
Veterans Memorial

The Trumbull 100 spearheaded the construction of the Trumbull County Vererans' Memorial. Several Trumbull 100 members served on the project's
oversight committee. Various local businesses, community groups and area construction unions spent many volunteer hours and donated in-kind services to complete this project. Nearly $500,000 was raised through the sale of bricks (nearly 3,000), pavers (over 500) and sponsorships to purchase the bronze WWII statue and building materials to complete the project. The memorial was dedicated on November 11, 2008 and stands in doentown Warren to honor all veterans.

June 2010 - Burbank Park

The Burbank Park renovation project was completed with over $140,000 in goods and services contributed from many sources including the Warren Athletic League, Mahoning Valley Scrappers and Trumbull 100. The park is located on the northwest side of Warren. Bill Casey led the charge to return Burbank Park to its original form. He called the park
“a gem” now that renovations are finished. Work on the concession stand and four baseball fields began in 2008 and was finished in June, 2010. Security cameras have been installed and vandalism has been halted. Over 500 children from all over Trumbull County regularly play in the park and a statewide baseball tournament was held in the park.


Past Projects

Westlawn Redevelopment

Community leaders in Trumbull 100 who were intensely interested in resolving the socio-economic problems of the Westlawn area started the project. Westlawn was considered to be the worst blights in the city of Warren and its boundaries were stretching. There was a perception that the condition of the area was undermining an effective education at Western Reserve Junior High School.

A non-profit organization was formed and financing was secured to purchase 54 buildings. The units were purchased over a 24-month period and demolished. The land was sold back to the city at cost. The goal of the Westlawn project was to sell vacant land back to the city of Warren in order to develop single family housing, promote entrepreneurship and economic development for families and businesses on the Southwest side of Warren, and to provide a safe and clean environment for the students, staff, and visitors to the Western Reserve Junior High School.

The Community Literacy Foundation

Trumbull 100 established The Community Literacy Foundation as a result of recognizing the need, based on proficiency scores, to improve reading literacy among students. Exposing children to literature and providing frequent opportunities for children to read became the primary focus of the Foundations.

Consequently, updating and renovating the Warren City Schools elementary libraries became a major project of the Foundation. Funds for this project were raised through donations from businesses, the community and local foundations.
To date, The Community Literacy Foundation has spent a total of approximately $400,000 on this project alone. A core list of over 2000 library books was purchased for each of the 12 elementary libraries. Physical renovations to the libraries included shelving, carpeting, painting, lighting, furniture, & supplies. The $30,000 spent on automations and Internet connectivity enables student access to each building’s web based library catalo and he INFOhio’s online electronic resources. Through library automation, the library staffs has an efficient circulation and collection
inventory system and have implemented more consistent library procedures throughout the district's elementary and secondary library system.

In addition, district's board of education has committed to increased staffing and computer placement in each library as well.